All the benefits of timber but with none of the ongoing maintenance issues!

You will soon feel at home with Fitrite East Coast Fencing and Decking, whether you install it as an outdoor dining space, gazebo floor, to maximise the footprint of a conservatory, straightforward decking area or any other multitude of uses.

Practicality and beauty have always been the hallmarks of our Fitrite East Coast range and the wide choice of traditional and new contemporary colours are certain to create a long lasting impression with show house visitors.

Patio Decking

The practical benefits of Fitrite East Coast Decking, with its anti-slip properties, make it ideal for homes with young children or the elderly. The anti-slip properties also make it a safe choice where there is overhanging vegetation or near water features.

Fitrite East Coast is made up from a high proportion of recycled material with only the surface finish being virgin PVCu. As a low maintenance product that does not require painting or varnishing it limits the amount of toxic chemicals that leach into the environment. Fitrite East Coast decking is 100% recyclable.

For stylish new homes, why not choose one of our contemporary new colours from our Evolution deck board range?

All Fitrite East Coast Fencing and Decking ranges are available in a wide choice of traditional and contemporary colours.

Improving and protecting your environment

Fitrite East Coast’s superiority over rival products is plain to see and feel. Other products can only imitate, but never replicate, its quality. Little wonder that it has become the number one choice of thousands of developers throughout the UK.

With excellent environmental credentials, outstanding safety ratings and assured long life, Fitrite East Coast is fast replacing timber as the material of choice for practical, safe outdoor living.