Fitrite East Coast Balustrades; Remarkable aesthetics without compromising stability

Balustrading is necessary to keep people safe and segregated to satisfy regulations, or it can become that finishing touch to any outdoor space.

Available in a broad range of styles and colours, Fitrite East Coast balustrades give you the opportunity to exercise your flair and imagination in a way that others may often overlook. Glass panels add 21st century appeal, while PVC balustrades are simple, but effective.

What you need to consider

Safety is paramount when it comes to selecting balustrades for your deck. Appearance and design are also a high priority to consider.

We can easily appreciate how something looks, but we can’t always be sure how strong it is, or whether it is fit for purpose.

This element of selecting the deck, can be quickly overlooked or simply taken for granted. With various systems on the market, all specifying a multitude of claims and statements about their products, it could be very difficult to make a calculated and informed decision. Fitrite East Coast balustrades offer a comprehensive range of diverse designs and provides peace of mind as standard.

Latest Techniques – routering of pickets

Routering is the process of machinery hollowing out of a main surface. You’ll find that routering of our rails and pickets is different when compared to that of the finish of timber balustrade. In effect, we router the rail to fit the picket of choice. Our routered rails are essentially flat pack and are self-assemble. All components can be put together by the installer, reducing the fitting time. We have many types of style varying from square, diamond, 3” and glass panelling, but our best sellers are by far the square and diamond style.

The smaller the picket, the more adaptable it is, especially where the spacing between each picket is no larger than 100mm, which means all of our pickets are Building Regulations compliant. The beauty of routering to suit the job means there is an opportunity to mix and match pickets and experiment in various colour combinations.

Additional positives of routering top and bottom rails to suit the job spec, allows aesthetic and design flexibility and for the installer, the process of fitting it is made simple, quick, easy and requires minimal skill.

We also cater for gradient within pickets, where we router separately for stairs and ramps, hollowing out the rails on an angle, to suit variation in that type of design.

Balustrade Styles

Balustrades may seem unsightly and unnecessary; however, we would advise any deck height exceeding 1 metre would permit taller balustrading. Typically, the rails need to measure 1100mm to cater for the elevation of the deck.

Standard Features

  • Load tested to (BS6399 Pt 1).
  • Post reinforcing (when installed).
  • Galvanised steel reinforced top and bottom rails.
  • Choice of picket styles with gaps compliant to Building Regulations.
  • Comprehensive choice of colours.

Available in a broad range of styles and colours


Colour Range

Glass Balustrade Styles

Glass Panel Style 1

Glass Panel Style 2

Picket Balustrade Styles


3” Picket